Environmental Harmony helps you illuminate your choices in life and grow corn with them.


Do you want to...

·         Stop repeating the same patterns in your work, home, relationships, love, and life?

·         Remove limitations that keep you from succeeding in the world?

·         Honor your destiny and purpose in life?

·         Live more in balance and engaged with the world around you?

·         Restore  a connection to the seasons and nature?

·         Learn how to alter your consciousness for personal guidance?

·         Bring your power into service of your community in a co-creative way?  

Make changes permanent...

Environmental Harmony offers solutions that are useful in every day situations, therefore personally empowering, thus giving you power to make a change in your life. 

In addition, the healing practices are available to anyone and are grounded in the shamanic practices taught by Peruvian shamans. These healing practices, when used, don't "wear off" -- rather the changes are permanent.

Here's what you can do now...

Get a Stone Divination reading...

...which are available by appointment (on the phone or at your place (in the Greater Seattle area). Contact me to schedule.

Read how shamanism healing works...

Reserve a spot in the next mesa class series...

...where you can transform your life and empower yourself to live your destiny. A mesa represents, and can assist you on, your spiritual journey.  Reserve your place now.

Work with me one-on-one...

...where you can set your own goals for personal growth and change during a healing session or a class.

Environmental Harmony
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